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Uncovering the Mysticity

Sketch from my sketchbook of the Washington Monument Have you ever wondered why the Washington Monument was designed after an Ancient Egyptian landmark?  Have you ever noticed similar landmarks in your own city or cities you visited? Have you ever wondered if there is a meaning or use behind it all? A couple years ago I visited Washington DC for the first time and took it as an opportunity to create urban sketches of some of the landmarks. I spent a lot of time exploring and sketching what I was seeing, pondering on the meaning of things and coming up with various theories based on what I saw and read about the city. It was mesmerizing and inspiring to see all the care that has been put into designing this city.  Urban Sketch of the Washington Monument and reflecting pool from Capitol Hill There are a lot of interesting theories regarding the design of Washington DC. The one that fascinated me the most is the possibility of the city being designed according to

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